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Even if you only have one computer in your business, that’s all you need. This single device can contain thousands of important pieces of information. It can also connect your business to the rest of the world. That’s a great thing, in so many ways—until a problem occurs. READ MORE >>

It’s your business’s prerogative to attract really good talent, and that’s particularly true when looking for your upper-level management. Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, boards of directors—you probably want the best of the best within your operation. READ MORE >>

In every business, there is a risk that your negligence might harm others. If it does, it could cause them various types of physical, financial or personal losses. In these cases, you might have to turn to your commercial liability insurance to pay the third parties for their losses. READ MORE >>

Your business mistakes are liabilities for other people—your clients, vendors and others. Therefore, if you cause accidents, you might have to pay for the damage. However, damage costs alone are not the only bills that might arise. Lawsuits, and their associated costs, will often beckon in case you face liability claims. READ MORE >>

Clients with whom you work closely might sue you. The action might result because they think that your professional services harmed them. In most cases, the lawsuit will list an amount for which they want compensation. It is up to the court process to resolve this lawsuit, and sometimes, you might have to pay the affected party. READ MORE >>

Your employees matter to your reputation. It is up to you to make a good impression on them from the moment you meet them at their first interview. The better care you take of them, the more highly they will likely think of you. And, if you were to make mistakes, they could have the right to take action against you. READ MORE >>

You never want to experience a cyber attack in your business. Thieves might steal valuable company information. They might also steal and abuse clients' personal information. Therefore, such losses could harm much more than just the company. So, if one strikes you, what should you do? READ MORE >>

Everyone in your business, from entry-level hires to tenured CEOs and corporate boards deserve errors & omissions (E&O) coverage. It comes in handy to insure them in case of professional mistakes. Yet, a standard E&O policy might not fully protect the operation's principals. READ MORE >>

You know the important and sensitive work your legal practice handles every day. Furthermore, you know your clients expect you to do your job correctly. So, if you make mistakes, the clients might therefore hold the practice responsible. That’s a time when Errors & omissions insurance, or E&O  coverage, might come in handy. READ MORE >>

Business insurance, sometimes, isn’t so cut and dry. If you’re like most businesses, your organization probably has a technological component. Or, you might be a tech start-up. If your business deals with programs, digital information or even has an IT department, you should consider tailoring your liability coverage to meet your cyber security needs. READ MORE >>

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